Customer Spotlight: Gamisodes

Customer Spotlight: Gamisodes

How Gamisodes used Niftory APIs to launch an NFT storefront in weeks

Today on the Niftory Blog we are joined by a special guest -- Davis Brimer, founder and CEO of Gamisodes. His team has just launched a Dapper Wallet storefront for Gamisodes collectibles, turning an iconic character into a popular digital collectible in the metaverse. Check out the experience here, and get one while you still can: Gamisodes Brain Train.

Lifting the veil

The Gamisodes app handles a couple of complex scenarios seamlessly:

  • Pre-built smart contract: The Gamisodes team got started quickly by deploying the Niftory NFT smart contract from the Niftory Admin panel. The app got its own instance of that contract for both Flow testnet and mainnet.
    You can view the contract here: Gamisodes Contract (*.

  • Dapper Wallet Initialization: Every new user sets up their Dapper Wallet to receive NFTs from the Gamisodes contract. Niftory's wallet registration APIs and pre-built Dapper Wallet setup script standardized this process.

  • NFT Drops (including unminted items): The Gamisodes team designed NFT drops in the background, including PFPs, using both the Niftory Admin panel, and using scripts that invoke the Niftory API directly.

    The items can be listed on the storefront without needing to pre-mint them -- mint-on-checkout is enabled automatically.

  • Dapper Wallet checkout: Collectors use Dapper Wallet to purchase NFTs with their credit cards, greatly simplifying the checkout process for most users.

    The Dapper Wallet purchase transaction handles minting, purchase and transfer all in one. Gamisodes was able to use Niftory's pre-built Dapper Wallet transaction without needing to write the smart contract logic themselves.

  • Quickstart sample: The Gamisodes team was able to get started quickly by cloning the Dapper Wallet Storefront Sample from the niftory-samples GitHub repo: niftory-samples/dapper-wallet-storefront (

Overall the mechanics of NFT storefronts are pretty similar -- set up a smart contract, handle wallet setup, NFT drops page, support a checkout flow, and an NFT creation process in the background. Niftory standardizes this process with simple APIs and samples so Gamisodes didn't have to reinvent the wheel when getting started, dramatically reducing time-to-market.


No guest presence is complete without a Q&A session! Let's get Davis's thoughts about the collaboration [answers reworded for clarity and brevity].

How has the Gamisodes launch been so far?

All-in-all it's been great! The fans have really connected with the launch.

We were the first developers to use Niftory's Dapper Wallet APIs, so we were on the cutting edge! The Niftory team has always been attentive to quickly resolving any issues we encountered and improving the process with each iteration.

What was your experience working with the Niftory platform?

Our experience has been great with both the technology and the support team. The Niftory team took the time to understand our product needs and involved us in the API design process.

We used Niftory for our end-to-end interactions with the blockchain. Specifically, we used Niftory APIs to:

  • Mint small collections of multi-edition collectibles

  • Create large collections of PFPs (1-of-1 collectibles)

  • Conduct sales through Dapper Wallet

  • Airdrop NFTs to our users

Our volume and needs battle-tested the Niftory platform, and the Niftory team leveraged our use-cases to solidify their core functionality. At this point, the Gamisodes storefront is live and everything is operating smoothly.

Did Niftory help speed up your launch? What if you hadn't used the Niftory API?

It absolutely helped fast-track our launch. It also gave us more control over the end-user experience, because we were able to own our frontend application and hook up the Niftory APIs as needed.

Crucially, Niftory removes the need for having blockchain-proficient developers on staff. If we hadn't used the Niftory API we'd most likely be paying more for a solution without as much control over the user experience, or we'd be having to hire blockchain developers in-house.

How did the Niftory team support you through the process?

The Niftory support team has been responsive and thorough. They've always been willing to take the time to dissect any question or issue we had and provided a complete solution.

We've especially appreciated your entrepreneurial spirit. Niftory was open to further building out the platform and prioritizing features to meet our specific needs, which accelerated the project and solidified our trust in relying on the Niftory platform.

What's next for Gamisodes? Any sneak peeks you want to share with fans?

There's too much to list! Be sure to follow our Twitter account. All I'll say is - stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

The Niftory team would like to thank Davis and the rest of the Gamisodes team for their partnership and feedback. They were our first partner using Dapper Wallet, and helped us tremendously with API design, battle-testing the experience, and providing invaluable feedback that made the final product better for everyone. Ultimately our shared goal is to provide a fabulous experience to people interacting with NFTs -- whether they are seasoned digital collectors or just starting their web3 journey. We're lucky to have people like Davis entrusting Niftory, and look forward to continuing our work delighting Gamisodes fans.