Niftory Changelog - March 2023

Niftory Changelog - March 2023

We've got a lot in the pipeline for developers to be excited about! As always, start building against testnet at and get your free API Key today!

We have been loving the energy of building alongside you, and prioritizing your feedback. Keep it coming! If you haven't already, come hang out with us in our Discord or reach us on Twitter.

Flow Hackathon

Before we start, we wanted to give a big shotout to the Flow team and all of the developers that joined the Flow Hackathon. It was amazing to see the energy in the ecosystem and we're excited to welcome so many of you to Blockchain development. We had a 400+ developers start building on Niftory over the last the month and are excited to help you all bring your projects to Mainnet.

Our winner was the Heroes of the Flow team who built an amazing web3 game, with Niftory behind it managing the NFT experience behind the scenes. We loved how seamless the experience was and it's an amazing thing to see how quickly you can build a web3 game!

Marketplace Trading APIs (Testnet)

We're excited to launch trading APIs in Testnet for people to build full P2P trading applications, letting you trade in Flow or even in USD with Dapper Wallet (coming soon).

Our sample app is coming shortly, as we wrap up the Dapper integration, but you can start exploring the updated API surface today. Your app can now easily use these APIs to create:

  • Marketplace Listings: A new structure for an item available to purchase in the marketplace

  • P2P Transactions: Support standard NFT Catalog generated transactions for buying, selling, and trading with Flow or USD

  • NFT Models Updates: Easily see which NFT Models have been listed to build Marketplace and Trading pages for your app

Admin Experience

We've made a bunch of improvements in the admin experience:

  • Multiple Apps: You can now create multiple apps within the same organization and allow different users to have access to different apps that you might be building. This allows you to build and manage many apps across Niftory from one admin experience.

  • Magic Link Sign-In: Our Admin portal now allows you to sign-in with a Magic Link, to let you login with any email address.

Coming Soon

We have shipped a lot already, and we're excited for even more in Q2! Stay tuned - there's some pretty exciting announcements coming from the Niftory team.

Headlines only -- you can figure out the rest ;)

  • Walletless with Your Own Contract (Beta Starting with Pilot Customers Next Week!). Reach out on Discord if you'd like to explore these.

  • Dapper Integration V2

  • Niftory SDKs

  • Multi-chain Wallet Setup as an OAuth service, for any app!

We would love to hear from you! Come hang out with us in our Discord or reach us on Twitter.