Walletless Onboarding For Developers

Walletless Onboarding For Developers

Seamless User Onboarding for Flow

Onboarding is one of the hardest problems in Web3, so we decided to make it easy for developers to bring new users into their apps without having to think twice. Flow wrote a great blogpost about the benefits of wallet less onboarding - essentially, letting users start interacting with your app before having to understand wallets or anything else. Niftory's APIs and infrastructure letyou onboard users into your web3 app without having to build custody, wallet linking, or wallet management yourself.

We believe Flow is exceptionally well positioned to make web3 mainstream, with progressive walletless onboarding being built as a first-class citizen, a powerful web2 + web3 payment rail with Dapper Wallet, and the most flexible account ownership model available across blockchains today.

Walletless Onboarding as a Service

With Niftory, you can setup walletless onboarding for your NFT app in minutes. First, login to niftory.com, and it's all 100% free to get started against Testnet. Then, go the Niftory Samples github, clone the walletless-onboarding sample and run it yourself with your own API keys. That's it.

What is this app doing?

  • Managed Google Sign-In. Niftory is acting as your Auth service and letting you login users however you want.

  • Custodial App Wallet. Use Niftory's custodial wallet API to quickly generate new wallets for your users.

  • Link External Wallets. Connect any external Flow wallet (Dapper, Blocto, etc) into your app and have your users grow advanced.

All of that is powered by Niftory's infrastructure and is ready for your own NFT app, game, loyalty program or anything that you're looking to build! Explore how to use more of the API on http://docs.niftory.com/.

What are you waiting for? Start building at niftory.com! Everything is free for testnet - so you can get your API key and get started now. The Walletless Onboarding sample is already available for anyone building today, but you can expect some improvements next week during the Flow Hackathon.

Call for Feedback

Everything we build at Niftory is in service of improving the web3 developer experience. We would love to work with you to see where to take things from here. Please reach out to us on Discord -- we look forward to hearing from you!