Niftory Changelog - February 2023 Edition

Niftory Changelog - February 2023 Edition

The Niftory team has been hard at work this month, and we've got several milestone projects to announce!

We have been loving the energy of building alongside you, and prioritizing your feedback. Keep it coming! If you haven't already, come hang out with us in our Discord or reach us on Twitter.

Walletless Onboarding

In last month's update, we announced custodial Niftory wallets, and being able to seamlessly create them on behalf of your users with a single API call.

Now we are pleased to announce a "walletless" onboarding service, which allows you to automatically create custodial wallets for your users when they sign in with their "web2" identity (such as email, Google sign-in, etc.). Best of all, there's no user interaction required!

This is a powerful capability that allows your users to immediately start interacting with your web3 app without having to set up or manage their own wallets. It eliminates the onboarding friction that loses many new users, and gives you as the app developer a lot of flexibility to design the right user experience for your application.

For more context on walletless onboarding, please see this Flow blog.

Get Started


  • If you haven't already, login to, and create your app (see Quickstart).

  • Use Niftory as your OAuth provider.

  • That's it!

We've created a sample app for you to clone and get started immediately.


  • OAuth Sign-In. Niftory's OAuth service users log in however they want (email, social identity, etc.).

  • Custodial Niftory Wallet. Seamlessly generate new wallets for your users.

  • Link External Wallets. For users who prefer to connect their own wallets, you can also connect any external wallet (Dapper, Blocto, etc.) using the Niftory API.

For more details, please read this blog post:

Niftory CLI

We are excited to announce the launch of the Niftory CLI, providing an intuitive way for developers to interact with NFTs and digital wallets from the comfort of their command-line terminal.


Get Started

Simply download the CLI, log in to Niftory, and start minting!

npm install -g @niftory/cli
niftory login


  • Mint & airdrop NFTs

  • Create custodial wallets

  • Upload files to IPFS, and to a CDN for fast access

  • Seamlessly switch between testnet and mainnet, and between your Niftory apps.

For a more detailed guide on the Niftory CLI, please read this blog:

Polygon Mainnet (with OpenSea support)!

Last month we announced Niftory API support for Polygon and Eth testnets. We are now pleased to expand the support to Polygon mainnet! While this is still an experimental feature, we have customers using it in both testnet and mainnet, and have also used it to list their Niftory-created NFT collections on OpenSea.

While Niftory's Polygon support is still in private beta, please contact us on Discord to learn more - we'd love to hear about your use-cases to decide on future investments in this direction.

Other Enhancements

The team continues to improve our infrastructure to serve users faster and more reliably.

Concurrent Blockchain Transactions

We rolled out a major change to our blockchain execution infra, allowing each app to execute multiple blockchain transactions simultaneously.

We already had horizontal scaling of blockchain transactions across Niftory apps (so no app would block another app's transactions). With the new changes, we now have vertical scaling, allowing multiple transactions to take place concurrently for that app, dramatically improving the latency of blockchain operations overall.

If you're a Niftory customer, no changes are required on your end. Just sit back and enjoy the perf gains.

Fault Tolerance

The infra team has introduced better state machine paradigms to make the entire system more fault-tolerant, and auto-recoverable if it gets in error states. This particularly affects our blockchain caching layer, ensuring that Niftory's view of the blockchain always stays consistent with the blockchain itself.

Coming Soon

We have shipped a lot already, and Q1 still has an entire month left! We will leave you with some teasers on what to expect in the coming weeks as we continue to move fast to try and delight you:

Headlines only -- you can figure out the rest ;)

  • Marketplace Trading APIs

  • > npx create-niftory-app

  • REST API surface

  • Multi-chain Wallet Setup as an OAuth service, for any app!

We would love to hear from you! Come hang out with us in our Discord or reach us on Twitter.