Niftory Changelog - January 2023 Edition

Niftory Changelog - January 2023 Edition

The Niftory team wishes you a happy new year! We hope you got a chance to rejuvenate towards the end of 2022 and are raring to conquer 2023 with vigor, as we are.

Our team shipped several milestone projects in Q4, and we've got some exciting work underway for January. We’d love to build alongside you, and prioritize your feedback and input, so join the discussion in our Discord or reach us on Twitter. Going forward we will be publishing a changelog every month to keep you updated often.

What's New

Dapper Wallet

Dapper Wallet is a digital wallet that lets users interact with NFTs on the Flow blockchain safely and intuitively. It is one of the 5 wallets supported by Instagram, and provides a familiar checkout experience (social login, credit card payments, fraud detection, etc.) to make buying, selling, storing and showcasing NFTs seamless and safe.

Niftory has worked with Dapper Labs to enable native API support for Dapper Wallet with the Niftory web3 API.

Get Started


As of today, developers can:

  • Use Niftory's wallet registration APIs to configure Dapper Wallets for users.

  • Use Niftory's checkout APIs to support NFT checkout with Dapper Wallet. We handle everything for you -- minting, listing to storefront, and the transfer of the NFT.

  • No smart contract development or Cadence code is needed. Deploy your contract, download your Dapper transactions and publish to the Flow NFT Catalog - all from Niftory Admin.

Custodial Niftory Wallet

Wallet setup is one of the biggest points of friction in a web3 onboarding experience. To help with this, the Niftory API now supports creating custodial Niftory wallets for the Flow blockchain - without requiring any user prompts.

You can automatically provision a custodial wallet for a user without needing any interaction from them. This means that you can onboard a new user without requiring them to set up their wallet (they can always link external wallets later).

Treat wallets as infrastructure, and use Niftory to provision as many wallets as you need for your project. Follow this guide to get started: Create your first Wallet - Niftory Docs


We have launched and open-sourced (GitHub) an app to mint and share NFTs by simply uploading a file and sharing a link. It's free to use and we built it to demonstrate the power of the Niftory API. For example, try claiming a free NFT from this link:

It uses the Niftory API under the hood:

  • Handles social login, and automatically creates a custodial Niftory Wallet

  • Automatically uploads media to IPFS

  • URL-based airdrop and share. Just open a link to get an NFT, no blockchain expertise is needed.

We hope this helps both developers and users alike by making NFTs and web3 more intuitive and accessible.

Polygon and Ethereum Testnet

We added support for Polygon and Eth testnets (Mumbai and Goerli respectively), allowing the same Niftory API to be used against these networks. What's supported:

  • All APIs except for custodial Niftory wallets are fully supported. Just swapping out API keys will switch your app from one blockchain network to the other.

This is still an experimental feature. Please contact us on Discord to learn more - we'd love to hear about your use-cases to decide on future investments in this direction.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the big splashy work described above, we made a lot of infrastructure enhancements that made it all possible.

Reliability & Performance

We spent several weeks on reliability and Better Engineering across the system, including rewriting the blockchain service to handle elastic scale. A smart queue manager intelligently batches incoming mint and transfer requests to optimize blockchain jobs. You can now create millions of blockchain entities with Niftory without running into scaling issues.

V2 Smart Contracts

We upgraded all Niftory customers to our next generation of NFT smart contracts, which provide several advanced capabilities, including:

  • Mutability*.* You can now mutate NFTs on-chain, or choose to lock them to keep them immutable. This enables scenarios like NFT redemption or ticketing, where you can update an NFT's metadata to "redeemed: true" once a redemption condition has been met.

  • Royalty Distributions. You can now define royalty distributions for your contract via Niftory Admin.

  • Read more here.

Open-sourced Sample Apps

We have open-sourced 3 sample apps on GitHub that you can clone to get a jumpstart on your NFT project. All apps showcase using the Niftory API to build web3 projects quickly.

What's Included

  • Basic Sample App (demo, source):

    • Social login with Blocto wallet registration

    • NFT drops page, where a user can claim an NFT.

    • NFT collections page to display user's NFT collection.

  • Dapper Wallet Storefront dApp (demo, source):

    • Dapper Wallet login

    • NFT drops page, where a user can purchase an NFT with Dapper Wallet.

    • NFT collections page to display user's NFT collection.

  • MintMe (source): described above

We plan to build more open-source samples to share with the community. If you have any requests on what we should open-source next, join the discussion in our Discord or reach us on Twitter.